Cerisette Oisterwijk

We proudly welcome you on the website of our family business Cerisette Oisterwijk. Quality, reliability, knowledge of chocolate and innovation is what Cerisette Oisterwijk has been all about since 1963. With a team of highly qualified employees and modern machinery.

We create our excellent assortment of handmade chocolates, moulded chocolates, liquor balls and solid chocolate figures on a daily basis with a team of highly qualified employees and modern machinery. Next to that, Cerisette Oisterwijk is also your place to go for seasonal products, as we have an extensive assortment of differently themed chocolates throughout the different seasons.    

Quality is one of our biggest priorities. At Cerisette Oisterwijk, we only work with high quality products of excellent class. Our ingredients are imported from all over the world. That way we ensure constructing the perfect assortment.

Reliability is our basis for good cooperation. You can always count on anything we promise you.

Knowledge of chocolate and innovation are important to us so we can create you an outstanding product time after time. We are constantly working on this aspect hence we contrive the most wonderful and exclusive chocolate masterpieces. Our chocolates, liquor balls and solid coloured chocolates all have an attractive appearance, but this appearance will certainly make for a great taste experience you will not easily forget.

Cerisette Oisterwijk stands thus for quality and knowledge of chocolate. We are reliable and innovate time after time!

Our company

Private labeling

Cerisette Oisterwijk offers a range of different possibilities concerning private labeling.

Prepackaged boxes with a luxurious bow or simply closed with a seal. A traditional ballotin or a transparent packaging. Our packaging department is happy to help. Next to that, all our prepackaged products are provided with the right label.

Our private label line finds its way throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We also distribute this in different channels, such as: department stores, supermarkets and retail. But Cerisette also supplies under private label to the Christmas hampers industry.