History of Cerisette

Cerisette Oisterwijk has been established in 1963 by Jan and Toos Koenen. They started their family company in an old shed with a small frontroom. From there on they produced chocolates for their own little chocolate shop. When they noticed more customers were coming from outside the village, Jan and Toos wanted to grow bigger. They moved to Oisterwijk in 1973. From then on, they possessed a production area of over 3000 m², which is still growing today.

Jan Koenen his interest in the chocolate industry began by watching his father at work. His father sold equipment to bakeries and chocolate industries. He studied in Antwerp and Basel. There Jan produced chocolates with a cherry in it, named Cerisettes. This later on inspired Jan to name his chocolate industry Cerisette Oisterwijk.

Next to already thirty exclusive chocolates in 1985, Jan Koenen developed a technique in which he could make his own molds. Because of this development and the great workmanship, Cerisette Oisterwijk became an exclusive company. Not long after, the franchise formule was established. Now Cerisette Oisterwijk was able to provide more than just one chocolate shop.

From 1988 on Cerisette Oisterwijk was able to take over a few other chocolate industries. In 1996 Cerisette Oisterwijk took over Antwerp Chocolates. For Cerisette Oisterwijk, this was the start of the production of handmade chocolates. Next to the fact that Cerisette Oisterwijk could now produce handmade chocolates, we could also start exporting our chocolates easier. The handmade chocolates have a shelf life of 5 months. The shelf life made it possible for us to export our chocolates all over Europe. Next to Europe we also export our chocolates to Arabic countries and even to the United States. For our customers within the Netherlands it’s even easier since we deliver our chocolates throughout the country, daily.

Today, Cerisette Oisterwijk exists over a 50 years. We are very proud of that. Next to Jan en Toos Koenen, their son, Niels Koenen, also works in the family company. He has been working for over 18 years for Cerisette Oisterwijk.

Distinctive to Cerisette Oisterwijk is that we create our chocolates with the best ingredients out there. We import our chocolate from Callebaut in Belgium. We use 60% liquors, our nuts come from Turkey, we get our raisins out California and our fresh cream comes from our Dutch cows. Nowadays Cerisette has over 150 kinds of different chocolates and products. Some examples are our handmade chocolates, our liquor balls and a huge assortment of seasonal products. During the different seasons Cerisette Oisterwijk offers a wide range of diverse chocolates in all kinds of different colours that fit each season perfectly. Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, it doesn’t matter, we create chocolates for each and every season. In short, Cerisette Oisterwijk is traditionally produced with the best ingredients!